Book Review: Tales of a Dying Star / Sci-Fi Series

Tales of a Dying Star

                                   Tales of a Dying Star 1Author: David Kristoph

Gold Stars 4-5Rating: 4.5 out of 5 Stars.

Highly Recommended Reading.

Genre: Science Fiction, Space Opera, Epic.

Humans survived a dying sun once before and now the decedents of this race of beings face this challenge a second time, many millennia in the future. What happens when the genetically superior plan an exodus only for the elite and bash heads with a religious sect determined to exterminate the non-believers? These and other tales are a part of The Dying Star series keeping your eyes glued to the page and your thumb twitching to click to the next page!Tales of a Dying Star 2

What I love most about Kristoph’s universe is how personally integrated I became with each story. You not only experience the fortitude and harrowing moments of the perceived ‘good guys’ but you delve into the deeper psyche and motivations of ‘the bad guys’ as well. This dedication to revealing the humanity behind right or wrong decisions and immersing the reader in different points of view gives an uncharacteristic perspective to all sides of a story making you second guess who you’re rooting for. The ease with which Kristoph manipulated my emotions and the precision with which he revealed personal truths captivated me and left me scrambling for the next episode and the next and the next…

Tales of a Dying Star 3My only criticisms for this series would be the ambiguity of book 1 and not knowing in advance that each story is not only a stand-alone piece but builds on our experiences and knowledge learned from each character we meet along the way. Some stories I wanted to know more about or to be more conclusive, but that only drove me to read the next episode in the series to find out if they were touched on again later. I also found each story to be more of a novella or short novel length and as an avid reader these episodes felt too brief. However, I can see how these stories would be great for commuters, as reading before bed or altogether as a longer space opera if read one right after the other.

Kristoph’s elegantly written series ensnared my mind and effortlessly drew me into a whole new universe. His powers of observation and subtlety in weaving a personal connection from me to the characters, as well as an Tales of a Dying Star 4understanding of the dilemmas and obstacles they face, have effortlessly engaged me and turned me into a dedicated fan.

Review by M.J. Moores, OCT.

The 4 Tales:
Siege of Praetar (1)
The Ancillary (2)
Sword of Blue (3)
Drowned by Fire (4)

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