Better Odds for Getting Chosen by BookBub Editors

Publicity Tip #103 ~

Have you ever wanted to know more about BookBub and how to put together the most appealing offer possible?

hot offer

Diana Urban, Industry Marketing Manager with BookBub provides 8 detailed tips for how to improve your chances for having a book accepted with BookBub for publicity. While she doesn’t promise that your book will automatically be chosen should you follow each tip, she does say that you are more likely to get noticed by a BookBub editor.

Now, BookBub is not a marketing platform for everyone but if you are considering them as a contender in your publicity and marketing lineup then I highly advise that you read this article:

Tips for Optimizing Your Submission for a BookBub Featured Deal

I just want to say thanks to The Story Reading Ape for mentioning this on his site.

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