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The Dragon Tempest offers a collection of short stories in a variety of fantasy genres, including dark, light, adventure, and epic. Creatures from all worlds abound: dragons, angels, centaurs, witches, gods and goddesses, and those lurking below the water’s surface. Whether you’re moved by tales of battle and bloodshed, suspense, humor, or enlightenment, The Dragon Tempest will leave you craving more from each author. Such a diversity of great tales of the fantastic to enjoy will leave no room for disappointment.

When asked what their favourite attribute for any one character in their short story (good, bad or otherwise) was, these Dragon Tempest contributors responded with…

The Dragon TempestASEMRA

Pride. Asemra is a very proud and it can sometimes lead her into trouble. She is proud of her heritage, being descended from Lucifer himself, and wreaks destruction on all who seek to tarnish it.

This leads to many challengers who wish to gain the glory of killing an archdemon. She has killed thousands of them, 73,853 to be exact and only one has bested her. Will idiot 73,854 succeed?

~ Louise Findlay, Challenging a Demon–Idiot Number 73,854
Aine, the main character in my short story, Queen of the Fairies, is able to enjoy all life has given her without the weight of responsibilities dragging her down. She trusts that what is meant to be will be when it is time.
She is confident, courageous, and way ahead of the adults who are worrying themselves into a frenzy. I would say that my favorite attribute for Aine is her acceptance.
~ D.B. Maudlin, Queen of the Fairies
Damian is the protagonist of my story Damian of the Gods. My favorite attribute for this character is his honesty and truth. No matter how the truth embarrassed him, he was willing to own up to his own feelings. He felt fear and admitted to it. When he was told to go fight an unknown opponent, he owned up to his confusion. Those kinds of honest feelings make a character genuine, where a reader can relate to them in the story.
~ Karen Elizabeth Brown, Damian of the Gods
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About the Contest:
The 2014 winners are apart of DKC’s revamped short story competition. The contest now runs semi-annually. The next cycle will end February 15th, 2016. Along with running the contest twice per year, we now will be offering prizes to those victorious authors. We hope to see more fantasy authors enter the contests over the years. The idea of helping authors break into print is the sole reason why our contests started. So we look forward to seeing what you will bring to the table.
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DKCBookStalkersDragon Knight Chronicles or DKC was founded in May of 2013 by Kathryn Jenkins. Kathryn started with a blog, which hosted a short story writing competition. What started as a site to help fantasy self-published authors break into print and started growing into something more as new authors signed on to help it grow.

DKC grew so large that it team up with Lynn Miller and created The Book Stalkers. Allowing DKC to stay true to its fantasy roots, while spreading its wings wide enough under the new business name so that authors from all genres could find a home to help them be the best authors they can.

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