A Fart in Winter and Other Poems by Emmanuel Akaolisa


A Fart in Winter 


Dead Fire | by Anna Lam Sydney - Flickr

Dead Fire | by Anna Lam Sydney – Flickr

It was freezing.

We could have bargained for oil,

Or even dug for coal;

Conflicts could have gingered us.

We may burn from attacks

But as we live, in silence,

The air’s colourless fire warms us;

The same air that has numbed us.

And if to us it doesn’t get,

The search for fire continues…


Like the Israelites in the wilderness

Questioned by hunger,

But seeing the God-given quail,

Almost mocked the answer.



Like a beach in summer

Was that fart in winter,

Warming the soul with the heat of contempt

Which forgets for a moment the cold cane.


from Sometimes A Poet & the Peace of Wisdom


Grains of Doubt


Senju-HiMe deviantart.com

Senju-HiMe deviantart.com

As a seed that man doth sew

Without care for a deep wide hole,

For with time it ‘may’ grow

And mature to yes or no.


This grain is free,

Costing nothing but space, progress and time –

Even more to those who sew everywhere and at every time,

Harvesting and replanting on same soil and new mountains.


We find them with us

But should sew rightly

With caution, not prejudice;

With goodwill, not fear’s plough

Nor the acid of bitterness

That burns the sewer and (at times) the uninformed soil;

But sow, on dark and hard places,

And like the sun, bring illumination –

Tilling away weeds of ignorance and falsehood

The blessedness of pessimism,

The experience of optimism.


But never sew it in you

Lest it grows you away.

You may have these seeds

And you know not what to do;

Give them to the Husbandman

And see what He gives back to you –

The harvest of rest and assurance too.


from Sometimes A Poet & the Peace of Wisdom

Emmanuel Galaxy 300dpi


Emmanuel Chukwuebuka Akaolisa is a graduate of Political Science and has a Masters degree in International Affairs and Diplomacy, both from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria. Novel is a word that scares him but not newspapers and magazines. He hopes that one day we will look for trouble and not find it as most of his poems speak of peace and peace. He spends his leisure playing ping pong or watching live soccer games.

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