The new Smorgasbord Sunday Show for 2016 – Sally Cronin Meets………

Sally is ready to bend over backwards to help fellow authors – if you find a gem like her and the many ways she offers to pay-it-forward, be sure to capitalize on these fantastic opportunities!

Smorgasbord - Variety is the spice of life

As well as the new book promotions for 2016 – Books in Series, Short Stories, Novellas and Anthologies, Children’s books and Books that are Discounted or Free, I also want to continue with the Sunday Show interviews.


The new show for 2016 is simply….Sally Cronin Meets……….

This offers writers, musicians and artists the opportunity to share their work but also more about who they are, what has inspired them and how they have reached this point in their lives.

All the interviews are personalised with questions that are specifically about the featured guest. This is an opportunity to share aspects of your life that readers can relate to and a way to build a rapport that encourages interaction.

There are millions of writers, artists and musicians out there publicising their work.. But what makes your book, art or music unique?


I will be covering past…

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