2015 Anthology of Creative Writing

The Human Condition Anthology

Molecular Thoughts

Infinite Pathways Press is pleased to announce open submissions for our first anthology.

For the past two years that Infinite Pathways has been bringing editing & publicity tips, opinion pieces, poetry, book reviews and author interviews and it’s now time for us to follow through on our promise to help you build your author platform in the publishing world.

June 1st – August 1s September 1st

For the next two three months we are holding FREE open submissions to “The Human Condition” anthology. This compendium is not just limited to the human condition though, this is just a lens for writers and readers to visit moments of humanity from memoir and personal writing to science fiction and fantasy stories that reflect our humanity back to us, whether the main character are actually of the ‘human race’ or not.

We are specifically interested in CANADIAN authors at this time, as a way of paying homage to the humanity of the editor’s native country. This does not mean that IP is looking for “Canadiana” pieces. It is our goal to help celebrate the writing of choice for those writers who are simply citizens of Canada – for our perspective, whether we intend it to be or not, is inherently Canadian.

Taking Submissions For:

Short Stories

1,500 words – 5,000 words

Flash Fiction

250 words – 500 words

1 Act Plays

Approx. 30 min. – 60 min. long

Submission Requirements

All text submitted must adhere to industry standards:

Ariel or Time’s New Roman font at size 12, double spaced.

A cover page with your name, postal address, email address, phone number, category of your work, title of your work, and word count should be placed at the beginning of each submission.

Please include a brief explanation (2 – 10 sentences) of how your work relates to our theme of “The Human Condition” in the body of your emailed submission.

1 submission per category/per person.

If you are a winner in one of the IP writing contests you are able to submit freely according to the above requirements.

You must be a Canadian Resident (10+ years) or a Canadian Citizen.

How to Submit

Email your submissions to:

M.J. Moores

administration (at) infinite-pathways (dot) org

Please replace the above bracketed information with the corresponding symbol before sending.

Only those submissions accepted will receive an email notice and contract request by November 1st, 2015. Some minor edits might be suggested but any changes made will ultimately be made with permission from the author of each piece.

What You Will Get

As an author in the anthology you will receive full acknowledgement for your creative works. After the first 12 months in the publication, should IP earn more than the cost of developing the anthology, bonuses will be given out to each contributor based on the type of work included in the book.

This will be a co-operative piece where each author participating in the anthology will help to publicize it to the best of their ability including (but not limited to): prolific use of social media platforms, guest blog posts, book tours (personal and joint) as well as in-person sales and marketing.

Each contributor will receive a free eBook copy of the anthology and a discount toward any print books ordered.

All of this and more will be outlined in the contract.

Good Luck!

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