3 Keys to a Solid Author Press Kit

Chris Wells at DIY Author is a great well-spring of pertinent information about publicizing yourself. If you’re not following his website, you should be.

Here’s a great article that shows you just how easy it is to put together your own Press Kit.

If you’re just starting to venture into including one of these on your author webpage, the simple straight-forward advice here is worth its weight in gold.

As an added bonus, I’ve included my “ONE PAGE” as an example of one double-sided printed page of information about my latest book, the best reviews to date, and my bio.

I used MS Word to build it and layer the text and images. Then, I saved it as a PDF and then converted the PDF file into a jpeg (printable quality at 300 dpi or greater) and posted it on my author website.

It took me approx 2-3 hours to put this together, mainly because I’d never done one before. I re-wrote my bio specifically for media outlets and took some time not to duplicate what the back blurb on my book said. Then tinkering with the formatting and appearance took a little bit. Just pull up a template from MS Word or build your own. Don’t give yourself a tight time-frame to put one together, be realistic about your expectations if you’re unfamiliar with your word processing program and need extra time to look things up on line – but do it. It’ll make all the difference.

Click HERE to see the originals.

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  1. Thanks for the great post, MJ. I like how you’ve presented yours. I must collate and list features my books and I have had on other blogs on my website and update my press kit as well. The article you linked to gives a lot of compelling reasons to create a professional-looking media kit as well as things you would include in one.


    • You make a good point, Louise. Not everyone’s Press Kit will look the same or have the exact same information. Clear information and links are important for helping the media (including bloggers!) learn more about you and what you have to offer 😉

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  2. Exactly what I need. Thanks


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