e-Book Spotlight – What’s Your Story?


A self-guided memoir writing workbook, part 1.

Patti M Hall logoSo, you want to write your memoir, or maybe just write some stories from your life? You’ve come to the right place if you’re having a tough time getting started. This self-guided workbook will get you rolling, with writing cues, memory prompts, list making exercises and creation of a detailed timeline of your life. What’s Your Story gets you writing, so you can decide what you want it to turn into later. Hundreds of writers have had success with the fifty ways to get writing contained in this workbook.

Come on … it’s your tale to tell. The world is waiting to hear your story. Grab the workbook and get writing!


What's Your StoryHumans are storytellers.

We are storytellers. Few people dispute that. We are the one species equipped to tell our stories with a fulsome linguistic narrative and we happen to be able to give form to it also, whether in words, art or some construction of our imagination.

We write because we can.

We write about our lives for our own reasons, which are as individual as the person, his life stage, her experiences of loss or joy, and how we feel on that day. Some of us write to understand the events of our life. Some of us write to hear the sound of our own voice in a new and different way. Sometimes we write to revisit an experience, to go
slowly through what happened, recording exactly how it felt, and concluding that the way we feel now about a place, a person or our self has something to do with that event.

Starting with Why

We write to remember. To savor. To celebrate.

We write it down to taste a moment again in our own time and our own way. Whether trauma, success, grief or achievement, each experience yields a wide variety of emotional and psychological reactions … these make us who we are–they are the mosaic of our person.




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Patti M HallPatti M Hall is an author, writer and highly sought-after non-fiction ghostwriter who has collaborated with numerous memoir and business writers. As a writing coach, proposal editor, and mentor for aspiring writers, she has shepherded numerous projects on to publication. Praise from colleagues and clients are available on her web site, www.pattimhall.com, where she blogs weekly, offers daily #inspiringmoment writing cues and a monthly newsletter for a growing community of subscribers and social media followers, and offers online courses including “Inspiring Moments in Memoir.”

            A graduate of the University of Toronto with a Master’s degree from York University, Hall has been a full-time writer, instructor, editor and coach for more than a decade. She has taught writing privately, at events hosted by schools and libraries and developed and taught writing programs for the York Region District School Board Continuing Education program north of Toronto, Ontario.


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