Reflections on a Flawed Sense of Self

Kelly Rist is a new follower/contributor to Infinite Pathways but you’ll love her honesty and sincerity. By day she’s a marketing assistant, by night a keen writer. Kelly lives in Royston, UK. She “taken” and moving out of her house… Read More ›

Poetry: Tides

I am attracted to TIDES because of its simple beauty with Therin’s choice of imagery. She paints not only a picture but a sound-scape that emotes and reflects the bitter-sweet narration. Allow yourself to get lost in the personification and… Read More ›


What I most enjoy about this piece is Therin’s play on and with the word body. She both imbues meaning and suggests an understanding that leaves you questioning what you really believe.   Therin Knite is a 22-year-old college senior… Read More ›