Dark & Dizzying Truths, Sara Khayat ~ Poet

Gray Prison

“The biggest mistake you will ever make is
taking me seriously.” He said, his head lying
on my abdomen as we parked in a cul de sac,

Smoke Rainbow Heartdisconnected

from rush hour traffic smoke overwhelming our lungs
blood rushing from head to toe head to toe to neck to
blood-brain-barriers protecting us from toxic

I laughed through a cough as ashes spread all along
my front. Streetlights dimmed, his fingers traveling
aimlessly across my forearm lower limbs devoid of
blood. The brain— suffocating from too much

“Why?” I asked. The vibrations of his chuckling moved
my body like a gray ocean as he explained the gangs,
the prison, the drugs and the alcohol abuse.

The schizoaffective disorder that


him from reality

Any normal person would have been nervous.
Unlocked the car doors realizing the real monster
was inside—mismatched chemicals as if the brain
were some kind of prison.

“Are you afraid of me?” he asked as cars approached
us in the cul de sac I pulled him closer to me like the
world was the threat and we were just trying to cling onto
happiness’s skirt tail for a moment holding emotions on a tight
leash ready to retract them at any sight of danger.

Two weeks later his phone was


I breathed in the chemicals
and got lost.


Honesty is a termite and it

Dust & Timebite bite bite


shave off the little
white lies

and the

black goodbyes
multiply and divide                       chewing down

your                       wooden heart

I had set to burn.

You text me to tell me

I’m getting old

and I know you meant
stale         not         wrinkled.

Since you’re closing in on
and I’ve only just turned

Come back to me and say
you’re sorry.

And I’ll pick you up

and snap you in

so you can feel what it’s like to be

And I can leave you this time
crumpled on the floor I’ll make sure to sweep away all of the
termite’s dust leaving you with nothing but the truth

crawling under your skin feasting on deceit and you’ll
be clean again smoke and needles cleared away
eyes white like you were before she turned you



Sara KhayatSara Khayat was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. She currently studies creative writing and psychology at a California State University. She is the editor-in-chief of thepaperplanepilots.com. Her work has appeared in Metaphor magazine, The Blue Hour Magazine, and various other magazines and journals. In October of 2013 she released a book of her poetry titled Borrowed Bones.  She is in the process of editing an anthology by the Paper Plane Pilots titled Reasons to Never Return to be released in June of 2014.

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