Practical Application

Publicity Tip #20 A Case Study For Kickstarter ~ I first mentioned Kickstarter in Publicity Tip #4 when I let everyone know about the book version CrowdScribed.  But CrowdScribed works on a slightly different platform than Kickstarter and I want… Read More ›

“I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”

Publicity Tip #19 ~ You don’t have to go it alone. Many writers are introverts – it goes with the territory: working alone, typing away, hitting the delete button, thinking, typing some more.  Then, when we’re published, we’re told if… Read More ›

Tweet This!

Publicity Tip #17 ~ Arm your twitter account not only with connections you like, but with ones you need. Join The Manuscript Wish List: #MSWL This is a site dedicated to bringing authors up-to-date information about which publishers are currently… Read More ›

Blogging Behaviour

Publicity Tip #14 Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things: Pt. 2 ~ Every author is encouraged to develop a blog that revolves either around what they write or about them as an artist.  Much of the advice we’re given… Read More ›