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Publicity Tip #20

A Case Study For Kickstarter ~

kickstarterI first mentioned Kickstarter in Publicity Tip #4 when I let everyone know about the book version CrowdScribed.  But CrowdScribed works on a slightly different platform than Kickstarter and I want to show you a real-life application for it in the book world – to help you judge for yourself if this kind of crowd funding is right for you.

Lisa M. Green is like a lot of us: a writer with a dream but without the proper funding required to make the best book possible.  She started with a modest budget request of $500 and at the end of 30 days she received nearly triple that.  Her focus was on being able to get the first print run of her books done and out into the market.

She had a plan and a great video.  With a tiered donation system ranging from $5 (for an e-book copy) to $200 (for e-books, 2 signed soft-cover books, a meet-the-author option and more) she found a way to reach her market.  By inviting readers to preview chapters from her novel, read character sketches, and interact with her on a regular basis via her blog and on facebook, she kept her subscribers engaged and curious right up until the release of her book.

This application can be used to build funding for editing, cover design, and more.  It just depends on where you need the extra help.

If you’re interested in seeing how Lisa did it, check out her Kickstarter profile at  There you will find links to her website and facebook page.

Having a successful, working example to base your own planing on is without comparison.

So, if you’re thinking of taking the plunge and getting help for your novel through crowd sourcing, take notes from someone who made it happen.

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