Branching Out & Getting Creative

Publicity Tip #12

Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Things: Pt. 1

Looking GlassWhen you’re in the middle of launching a book, the last thing you want to do is try something new.  However, by pushing the envelope or considering publicity from a different point of view, you might reach your audience faster – but nothing is a guarantee in this business.  Still, as my character Dezmind says, “If we don’t try, wouldn’t we be the fools learning we could have made a difference after all?”  He is, of course, referring to saving his planet but isn’t that just as important as promoting the book you ‘gave birth’ to?

Now, I’m not saying “try everything.”

No.  That won’t work and you will be exhausted and disgruntled with the publicity and marketing processing.  In your plan, focus on the core elements for publicity on the front-end of your launch: facebook, goodreads, twitter, google+, etc.  Once you are into a rhythm and are comfortable with a schedule for making these social media options work, consider branching out in one, two, or three different areas that are unique – where you don’t necessarily need to maintain a constant following but if you did, you would consider it a bonus.

I came across a great idea for a new website launched just this month – brand new and shiny.

The Looking Glass is a website/blog done up like an online newspaper that reflects the reality of our books – not our own reality.  Jefferson Smith has a developed a fantastic platform for not only getting your name out there, but your work recognized as well.  You can contribute articles based on books you’ve read that you like (as a form of review to entice new readers to check it out) or you can write articles related to your own publications.

This is all fictional.

Just as allowing your characters to have a twitter account is becoming the ‘new thing’ for authors to do, writing a news article about an event on your fictional world can help generate interest in your writing.  Build a following in a new and fun way.

I know I’ll be contributing… what about you?

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