5 Cheeky Tips For Bloggers Embarking On The A-Z Challenge

Originally posted on Tara Sparling writes:
? I’ve got something to tell you… every day April is a month when thousands of bloggers embark on what’s called the The A-Z Challenge: where people blog on 26 near-consecutive days (every day except Sundays) –…

Author vs. Writer

Originally posted on AnitaLovett.com:
Authors and writers are one and the same, are they not? After all, your favorite author is the genius writer of your favorite novel, right? You may be surprised to learn that some professionals dislike being labeled a writer…

Literature and Fiction

Writerly Rant #73 Lota (blogger of Flying Over a Forest) has been writing for long time. Mostly for friends and herself. She doesn’t write to make social statements. She often contemplates on problems she sees and includes the parallaxes she… Read More ›