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Writerly Rant #73

Lota (blogger of Flying Over a Forest) has been writing for long time. Mostly for friends and herself. She doesn’t write to make social statements. She often contemplates on problems she sees and includes the parallaxes she notices in stories, but her focus is to write. Lota doesn’t have specific genre she writes in. She prefers romances, mysteries and horror, but in what mix exactly is how the stories go. No limits. What she doesn’t do often is poetry. She is purely storyteller.

Blog – Flying Over a Forest


L.C. Aisling Flying Over A Forest

It lately amazes me greatly how the two, literature and fiction, are always separated. As if one stands apart from the rest while deep inside it remains the same thing. To me that’s like making yeast dough and then turning it into daily pizza or elaborate cake. Deep down they are the same, are they not? Writers are the same, they write the same subjects, perhaps through different prism and decorations, but deep down there still are 7 basic plots and about 46 character types. Or 8 or 45 depending on who is putting the list together.

So why do they stand apart?

If I take it from my grave, I can see it on emotional perspective – in fiction, you seek for fun and one day reading experience while literature is something you take up if you want to feel accomplishment. Which is so wrong, given that both can…

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