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Short Fiction Writing Contest

Flash Fiction Writing Contest

Poetry Writing Contest

Contest Checklist:

1) Read the Infinite Pathways contest rules and guidelines

2) Make sure contest entry isn’t too short or too long (depending on which division submission will be entered into: Flash or Short; poetry is up to 40 lines)

3) Your name does not appear on the pages of the entry to be judged, only the title in the header

4) Your title page includes the following information – your full name, the contest division you are submitting to, the title of your entry, your complete home address, your main email address, and your phone number.

5) Pay the contest fee using one of the PayPal buttons below and add the Creative Content Critique if you would like feedback on your submission.

6) Email your submission to administration(at)infinite-pathways(dot)org, subject heading Flash Fiction Contest Submission or Short Story Contest Submission (etc.) within 24 hours of paying the fee.  You will be contacted by email if your entry cannot be processed due to a viral infection at which point you will have another 24 hours to enter a clean submission before you forfeit your entry fee.

Flash Fiction Contest Fee

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