Nancy Morrison

Nancy Morrison

Nancy Morrision - Actor & DirectorNancy Morrison is a professional actor working in film and television. She is known for her insightful directing as well as her instinctual casting for many short film projects. Her nurturing guidance has assisted many in pursuing their dreams.
Ms. Morrison received her degree as a Registered Nurse and later, a B.A. in Health Care Administration. She specialized in Psychiatry and Psychology which led her to studying more on human behaviour.
As a storyteller and avid reader, Ms. Morrison is always curious to read other screenwriter’s and playwright’s work. In her early years, she was recognized for her non-fiction short story called “Rats.”
Several years ago, she co-founded and continues to organize a volunteer group made up of almost 500 members of filmmakers, writers, directors, actors and producers called AWF Productions, which is a MeetUp. She chairs monthly meetings for members to come together to collaborate on various projects. She also participates on the Script Development Committee where emerging writers may have their work critiqued and considered for production. Frequently, writer’s bring their work personally to Ms. Morrison for review and editing where her unique approach and thoughtful consideration helps to implement it into a final product.
Ms. Morrison runs acting classes for film, television, commercial and stage actors on Saturdays in Toronto out of the FRINGE Festival Building.  While her passion to teach began with the AWF Actor’s Lab she found an overwhelming desire from many of her students to participate in a more in-depth course.  Discover more about this opportunity online at Acting for Real.
Her gift of warmth and enthusiasm makes her a joy to work with.
“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.”
~Nancy Morrison

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