Guarantee: Infinite Pathways will provide a free assessment of any one page of poetry or flash fiction, one act of a play, or the first 10 pages of your story (short, novella, or novel) to allow you to evaluate our editor’s work and our ability to communicate prior to purchasing services. Any story material submitted for this offer must be accompanied by a 1-2 page synopsis. Depending on the editor’s current workload, free assessments could take as long as 30 days to be reviewed.  Standard response time is 1-2 weeks.

Copy Editing: The editor will examine the final draft of your manuscript in order to correct errors in textual and visual elements. Using an editorial Microsoft Word’s Track Changes option, she will perform a basic edit of: spelling, punctuation, & grammar. In addition, she will assess your overall formatting: header labels, title page, pagination, chapter heading, chapter breaks, paragraph indents, & line spacing.

Pricing Varies

No two manuscripts are alike. That being said, some generalities can be made:

Light Editing Requirements: approx $2/300 words

Medium Editing Requirements: approx $3-$4/300 words

Heavy Editing Requirement: $5-$7/300 words

Manuscripts less than 5000 words: $50 flat fee

Manuscripts between 5000 – 15,000 words: $100 flat fee

Creative Content Critique: An assessment of the creative piece. Infinite Pathways’ editor will supply you with a summary of her impression looking at both its merits and discrepancies based on industry standards. Depending on the length of your creative work (short poem, short story, novel, etc.) you will receive feedback anywhere from a ½ a page to 5 pages and/or via in-text notation. This will allow you to consider the effectiveness of major elements and conduct re-writes as necessary.

Short Story: $50

Novella: $75

Novel (50K-70k words): $120

Novel (70K-90K words): $150

Novel (90K-130K words): $200

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