Editing Tip #32

Writing A Page Turner: Pt 3 Are Your Readers Engaged with Dynamic Main Characters? Nothing is more disappointing than reading an amazing book blurb, getting excited about meeting the characters and being swept away by the plot only to face… Read More ›

The Indie Initiative

Writerly Rant #30 Cardboard Characters by Mikael Carlson, Author There are a lot of knocks on indie writers today – poor grammar, typos, bad formatting, etc. Many of these criticisms, unfortunately, are valid. I fell victim to them myself in… Read More ›

Put Your Dukes Up!

Writerly Rant #25 Shillelagh Law by Mikael Carlson, Author. ~ Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day, and being in Manhattan for the day, it was prime time for people-watching as they returned from the parade down 5th Avenue. I noticed everyone… Read More ›

Editing Tip #18

The Name Game ~ Be aware that the names we grow to love and love to hate in our books might not be the names the characters are actually published under. Sounds incredible, I know, but it’s true. The look… Read More ›

The Insanity of Writing

They say that if you can admit to the fact that you’re crazy, you’re probably sane enough. However, I don’t think this premise applies across the board. As writers we need to infinitesimally divide our mind and hold several personalities… Read More ›

Editing Tip #8

The Dialogue Debacle Good dialogue is all about believability – does it sound like a real person… is it true to your character’s personality and persona? There are hundreds of sources you can find online via search engines or writer… Read More ›