Stocking Up on Character

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At my local writers group meeting earlier this month, one of the authors mentioned that

his first ever protagonist has become the prototype or template, and therefore

launching pad, for all of his other characters – and they cover 16

published works of varying series’.

At first I was astounded.  My initial reaction was

disbelief that each new character could be so obviously linked

to his first one.

But then again… I enjoy writing strong female

protagonists who tend to have an obvious flaw in their

personality – while they’re not identical by any means, they are similar.

If you think about it, in the traditional heroes journey there are

a number of archetypes

who show up in the classical (and modern) epics.

Who’s to say we each can’t have our own version of stock characters?

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  1. … and if you wish to go outside of the realm of characters, you can simply assume a new viewpoint. One of the most prolific writers, L. Ron Hubbard, (over 100 million words in print) defined space: “Space is a viewpoint of dimension.” Took me awhile to get that, and how to apply it to my writing, but, once I did, I could get into and out of my characters at will. (A real time-saver!)


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