Writing is a Balancing Act of the Everyday & the Make-believe

  We’re all familiar with those multitudes of hats that writers wear to be able to better tap into their characters: rogue, goody-goody, villain, orphan, princess, king, pauper, thief… There are even the familiar ones: mother, father, sister, brother, aunt,… Read More ›

Editing Tip #56

Finding Voice, Pt. 2 ~ First drafts are generally about getting ideas out and letting your muse take you down various garden paths. Even if you’re a planner, like me, and you have a fairly clear idea of what should… Read More ›

Don’t Snub Your Nose

Writerly Rant #45 by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Freelance Writer. I’m not debating personal ethics, Karma, or even suggesting how to live your life. No. Quite frankly, if you want to be a good writer you can’t snub your… Read More ›

Editing Tip #37

The Name Game, Pt.2 I touched on this idea in Tip #18 but I feel as though I missed an integral point. We authors need to be aware of the quality of the names we choose for our beloved characters… Read More ›

Torture Your Characters

The whole reason for a story is that we have something to say about something important to us. Often these moments come from either experiencing or sharing the experience of another who has suffered in some way. If nothing significant… Read More ›