info dump

Editing Tip #25

Avoiding Info Dump, Pt. 4 ~ The tendency to over-share can be the bane of anyone’s existence but for an Author it could mean the death of a manuscript. One of the most difficult concepts to manage, especially with novice… Read More ›

Editing Tip #24

Avoiding Info Dump, Pt 3 ~ Action in a story is better than inaction – right? Not necessarily.  If too much is happening in one scene, a reader’s mind will turn into a computer and flash “information overload.”  Not really,… Read More ›

Editing Tip #23

Avoiding Info Dump, Pt. 2 ~ One of the easiest places in your manuscript to dump excess information is during your descriptions of setting. This, like all possible areas of info dump, tends to happen more in the beginning of… Read More ›

Editing Tip #22

Avoiding Info Dump, Pt. 1 ~ There are a variety of ways and reasons authors inadvertently dump information into certain areas of their novel: Character Setting Action Back Story Often this over-sharing happens at the beginning of the book within… Read More ›

Gorilla Tape

Writerly Rant#14: When Not to Open Your Mouth By M.J. Moores ~ There’s much about a lot of things in this life I’d like to complain about including several things in the writing/editing/publishing industry.  The idea of ‘freedom of speech’… Read More ›