Gorilla Tape

Writerly Rant#14:

When Not to Open Your Mouth

GorillaBy M.J. Moores ~

There’s much about a lot of things in this life I’d like to complain about including several things in the writing/editing/publishing industry.  The idea of ‘freedom of speech’ works well for activists, but every-day folk, especially business owners, really don’t have the luxury.

The platform for speaking your mind now is social media – blogging-diaries in particular.  On my personal website writerly rants take the place of this unstructured info-dump, but that doesn’t mean I can write about absolutely everything… my reputation is on the line.

Now, not everyone’s reputation has such a public presence that requires them to slap Gorilla Tape over their mouths, but self-restraint and a realistic application of self-censorship should be common sense.  It has long been disputed that what teens write on their blogs or message about on facebook and twitter should not be held against them because their commonsense is still developing.  They have learned about bullying and not ‘hooking up’ online with strangers but these things still run rampant.  But even that kind of running off at the mouth is not what I’m talking about.

At a recent high school reunion a good friend of mine in the political market brought to my attention the personal blog of a woman we met while attending the same university.  We had not been in contact with her in many years but he stumbled across her blog and was astounded at her lack of common sense.

This woman had lain out for the world to see, her personal strife with a failed marriage and all the anger and bitterness that accompanies it.  At the same time, she is trying to start a new life and a new business teaching workshops about film and writing to people in her area.  She is shooting herself in the foot if any potential clients find her blog.  I mean, people want to know about who and what they’re spending their money on and a quick google search will reveal more than I bet she’s willing to share.

I could only shake my head and reflect on the many things I choose not to say in this forum in order to maintain a certain level of professionalism.  I do not have a personal blog for this reason as well; and yet a woman who went to university, and institution that prides itself on intellectual knowledge and teaching students to teach themselves, cannot see the potential harm she is doing.

And I must say, after reading portions of her blog I would side with the ex-husband on most matters.

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