River Smoke

What’s particularly appealing about this selection is m.a.’s approach to the subject and how it borders on prose/poetry. There’s more than one thing happening here 😉 Enjoy!   Born in South Carolina, raised in Atlanta, m.a. wood relocated to Annandale-on-Hudson… Read More ›

Willow Weeping

Originally posted on HoneybeeWood:
Sun has abandoned our forlorn hemisphere, Willow sways at the water’s edge Her wisps dangle, dancing alone. Missing the shimmy of leaves Long since gone, Their brilliant colors Browned and forgotten, Her yellows and greens Spread…

Do You Haiku?

~ The haiku is one of the first poems taught to second graders for it’s simplicity in form and length. Occasionally one of these seven-year-old’s will unwittingly write something profound… but not often. Here are two famous haiku and just… Read More ›

Experiential Poetry

CLIFF JUMPING, SOYERS LAKE by Patricia Miller, Writer. Poet. Coordinator. – – – I’m perched On a steep ledge Of dense brown rock Like a blue jay Willing my wings to Flutter, flap, soar Having conquered this land before Instead I… Read More ›