Willow Weeping

Today is a bitterly cold day in the Greater Toronto Area and the stark promise this poem brings rings true.


m a woodBorn in South Carolina, raised in Atlanta, m.a. wood relocated to Annandale-on-Hudson New York as a teen. There she attended Bard College. She worked as a recreation therapist for ten years and then moved into the business world, specifically working with healthful food, party and retreat planning, and hotel management. She did a short stint as the 3rd mate on the Clearwater and then decided to go into teaching. She is an English Language Arts teacher.




Sun has abandoned our forlorn hemisphere,
Willow sways at the water’s edge
Her wisps dangle, dancing alone.
Missing the shimmy of leaves
Long since gone,
Their brilliant colors
Browned and forgotten,
Her yellows and greens
Spread grey to match
Sky songs.
She is Suffi twirling
In the water’s,
Grey waters
Kissed by grey skies.
Finally, her flowers falling,
Down into the
Flowing waters
Falling onto the slowly freezing
Ground soon to be
Entombed in

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  1. A lovely poem. Thanks for sharing.


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