How to Show Deception in Dialogue

Dialogue is one of those things you either just “get” or have to “work” at. But either way, both types of writers still need to challenge the reader and themselves. Just because your words flow well and sound realistic, doesn’t… Read More ›

Killer Book Blurbs

Often the first thing to catch a reader’s eye is your cover–does the image “speak” to them? is the title striking? The second thing is usually the blurb on the back of your book. Now, if you’re traditionally published by… Read More ›

How to Kill a Character

Inevitably there comes a time when a character must die. It’s often easier to kill off “evil” characters than “good” ones, but both are necessary to bring “balance to the force”. I came across author Lucinda Hawks Moebius’ tips recently… Read More ›