So, Real World, We Meet Again

Writerly Rant #85 ~

Toni BetznerInsurance agent by day, writer by night.

Toni Betzner lives in the “real world” but she creates and escapes to imaginary ones whenever she can. She’s a lover of fantasy and writing–not particularly in that order. Toni’s also a reader, mother, coffee lover, and soon to be self-taught violinist.

Toni is a woman cut of the same cloth as I, only she actually admits to the public at large her wonderful quirks and child-like coping mechanisms for dealing with the real world – I’ve been denying myself these guilty pleasures recently but she’s motivated me to channel my inner child to de-stress and reconnect with my world of make-believe 😉

Write of Passage

I live in the real world: escape to imaginary ones–or at least that’s what it says on my twitter profile anyway. Recently I’ve spent more time in the real world than my imaginary one, which feels like being far from home. One world is filled with magic, suspense, romance, epicness, and awesomeness. The other . . . 40-hour work weeks, bills, lawyers, and other fun adult stuff. Guess which one I live in . . .

Due to the demands of the real world, I’ve either been too busy or too tired, or often a little of both to write. After working all day, running errands, paying bills, and dealing with lawyers, let’s just say I’m not in the mood to write–I could, however, go for a nap. And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing with my free time which used to be writing time.

Life is hard, but you don’t have to adult hard. For the record…

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