Being Drunk on Writing Helps Me Get Through the Day

Drunk on Writing

Reality has been trying to destroy

me lately…

It’s been all about

getting back into the work force,

compiling resumes,

editing for clients,

editing for my publisher,

taking care of my son,

making sure my husband is fed & watered,

doing the groceries,

watering the plants,

writing my blog posts,

doing research for the next book in my series…

All of it is combining together

and making me miserable.


I don’t get to be truly creative.

I don’t get to write fresh ideas.

I don’t get to indulge in the guilty pleasure of my new story idea

because I have to bang out copy for the old series

(which I love, but I need a break from).

I took two hours the other day to work on the chapter breakdown

for the indulgence novel…

I wasn’t even writing anything new

but simply being immersed in that world,

touching the lives of those characters

made me


made me realize

I’m spending too much time and effort on


and it’s slowly



So raise your mug of pencils with me

and let’s give a toast

to being literary drunks!


Which of your current WIP is keeping you satisfyingly drunk?

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8 replies

  1. I’ll toast to that šŸ˜‰ It’s been quite a while since I did any real writing, and I’m happily getting drunk with Maddy again – preparing the Fallen for release.


  2. …and what an intoxication!


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