Poetic Pieces

A Selection of Short Poetry

by Patricia Miller, Writer. Poet. Coordinator.

An opal shell and a golden star
The spotted loon that breaks the mirrored still
Floating across a navy water pane
Calling for a mate, longing –
These are solitudes that
Ripple through the core
Unveiling the wonder of simplicity.
Night fly
Flittering near my rum
Burning like the sun
Old man
Beating on the drum
Swirling top and bum
Oahu –
              Isle of surf and fun!
Malice burrows
In your boorish heart
Finding safe haven there
Frolicking against rank walls
As you dump my love
Like a no name
Green trash bag.
Patricia MillerPatricia Miller earned a BA in Social Sciences from UWO, and a Recreation diploma from Centennial College, before studying Creative Writing at Durham College. Patricia is a Coordinator who enjoys snowboarding. Her work has appeared in The Toronto Star, The Toronto Quarterly, The Era Banner, and Anthology From the Cottage Porch by Sunshine in a Jar Press. In 2012, she penned her first novel The Mausoleum Road Affair. Her story Catching Snowflakes will be included in Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada The Wonders of Winter available in bookstores November 5, 2013. Patricia is Founder and Chair of the BWG Writers’ Circle, and a member of WCDR and WCYR.
Follow her on Twitter @PatriciaMWriter

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  1. When I finished reading the first poem, I thought, “this sounds like Patricia’s writing” and when I finished reading and saw Patricia’s name I couldn’t believe I was actually right. Patricia, you definitely have captured your “voice”. Melissa, glad Patricia was featured. 🙂


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