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IMG_0004Reaching out to your prospective audience via the local radio station is great advertising.  Not only can your friends and family boast about your air time and help spread the news by word-of-mouth, but you will have a great link to advertise with online via your social media network.

Recently, Catherine Sword, host of Shelf Life on Whistle Radio in Stouffville, Ontario – Canada interviewed me on a segment about editing.  Though a bit nerve-racking at first, Catherine put me at ease as the 1/2 hour time allotted sped by almost without our knowing.

Take a listen:

Part 1 –

Part 2 –

Have you reached out to your local radio station?

What would you talk about if you were invited for an interview?

Host Catherine Sword and the Radio Technician

Host Catherine Sword and the Radio Technician

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