Fiction Friday #8

The Candy Man – A Memoir.

A Short by M.J. Moores, OCT. Author. Editor. Business Owner.

Cotton Candy GirlWorking with cotton candy is an art form.   Most guests to the part don’t realize that the static electricity that converts the crystal pellets into cotton needs to bring an equal amount of electric excitement to a child’s face.

It’s magic.

Now, don’t tell me you “don’t believe in magic” – it truly exists.  The glint and gleam in a child’s eyes as I twirl and twist that deliciously soft treat into an edible delight brings a special spark into the universe.

Forty years I’ve worked this corner of the grounds, and in all that time the energy and delight of the children has created a world of freedom and discovery un-matched anywhere else.  It’s not just the cotton candy – no, I couldn’t take all the credit.  The hot dog stand, the beverage counter, the trees and shrubs on a perfect day instill a sense of possibility and wonderment in the young and the young at heart.

As a piece of this puzzle, my heart cannot contain the joy I feel when I witness that spark of magic blossom as imagination is given free reign to conquer any evil.  That is the magic possible in this world and it is the only element keeping me alive.

Borrowed time they call it – especially when the cancer should have claimed me nearly two years ago.

Borrowed magic is more like it.

*    *    *

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