Fiction Friday #11

Fate, Fortune or Folly

a Short by M.J. Moores ~

ParkWould you call it a twist of fate or simply a change in fortune?  I mean, floating upside-down in a smart car in the middle of the Leeland Park kiddy pool was not what I expected when I agreed to leave the party early.  Granted, I would have ended up in the County Police Station either way – apparently the fire was a 3-alarm, intentionally set.  At least I got to sit down when I arrived.

Constable Forest leaned over the old wooden desk.  “Can you tell me again why you left the party early?”

I finished towel-drying my hair and wrapped the damp cloth around my bare shoulders – the strapless cold and limp against my goose-flesh.

I answered, “Mike, my boyfriend, texted me.”

“And what did the test say?”

I would have shown him, but I’m sure my i-phone is still back at the wading pool.  “Not feeling well – staying home – miss ya.”

“You were on your way to see him.”

“That was the plan.”

“Then what happened?”

Oh, what didn’t happen? I thought.  The breaks, the hill, the red light; all that I could handle, but old man Werner J-walking at night?  White hair and even whiter eyes.

But Constable Forest already knew this.  Instead I asked, “What about Mr. Werner?  Is he okay?  Has the hospital sent word?”

The Black Berry on the desk vibrated.  We both looked at it – what more could I be charged with tonight?

It buzzed again.

*    *    *

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