What Are Writerly Rants?

Take Out Your Frustrations in Style ~

kid yellingA Writerly Rant spot runs every Tuesday for writers who are interested in eloquently getting something off their chest.  You don’t have to write about writing, although that does often tick us off.

So long as you’re able to keep your opinions PG rated and somewhat PC aligned, use your creative skills and craft a message you want heard.  If you are familiar with the persuasive writing style of speeches and rhetoric, have some fun and include literary language, parallel sentence points, open questions, statements of fact and other techniques associated with the style.  If not, just write your best piece with the idea of clearly getting across a point important to you.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to topics.  Take a look at the wide variety posted so far in the Rants tab at the top of the page.  We even accept previously posted material from personal blogs, G+, LinkedIn Groups, etc.

Allow yourself to explore your frustrations and get the writing juices flowing!

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