America’s Most-“Liked” Person Honored By President Obama

Big SmileWhile this is an nontraditional “Rant” for Infinite Pathways, I couldn’t pass it up because of what Charlotte hints at and lets the reader make up their own mind about.


The 365 Poetry Project

Scientists at the White House have taken a break from studying the economy, political trends, and science in order to discover the answer to one important question: who is the most liked person in America? It was hypothesized that finding this person and studying their habits could lead to major breakthroughs in the public relations domain.

“We figured that the most liked person in America would be able to teach us something about how to win friends and be generally admired by the broadest radius of people,” stated lead researcher Bernerd Klutz. “This information would then have broader implications for politicians and other public figures who rely on the approval of the masses.”

The best way to quantify that “likable quality”, researchers claimed, was to tally the total number of “likes” garnered on the popular social networking site, Facebook.

“Facebook likes have become their own sort of currency for most…

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