Top 5 Asinine Excuses For Not Writing

Tara wrote this little rant a while ago but it speaks universally to all of us writers – I’ve even written an article on The Benefits of Procrastination for goodness sake! Take a moment and have a good chuckle at this one – she tells it like it is 🙂

Tara SparlingTara writes novels, short fiction and screenplays.

She spends all of her spare time with words. The writing of them and the reading of them. However, she has a day job which hinges on numbers – pushing them around, extracting meaning from them and generally insulting them.

Currently in production are three novels, all in various quantum states of editing and, for now, submissions limited to competitions; more than two feature length screenplay treatments, and usually, at least three or four short scripts. It’s a lot of work, but a labour of sickly-sweet true love.

As a fully certified nerd who loves spreadsheets, graphs and visualisations, there is nothing Tara likes better than a perfectly proportioned pie chart. Unless, of course, you’re talking about a well-stocked bar chart.

Tara Sparling writes

Good Friday, gentlepersons.

I’m ending this working week with my top 5 excuses for not writing. Perversely, they include, well, work. But that’s not the point. Because I have so many writing projects I intended to have finished by now, and my success rate is only marginally better than that of an Irishman at a speed dating event for taller-than-average Dutch people.

And although not one of these excuses is allowable, I attempt to defend each of them because if I didn’t, I would actually have to write something useful.

1. The Day Job

I spend 97.985% of my working day at the moment buried in spreadsheets which contain thousands of teeny tiny moving parts. My eyes are like Cookie Monster’s by the time 5pm lopes around. I can barely focus on TV property shows at night, let alone a pile of text.

2. The Blog

My creative brain only appears to work in short bursts right now. So if…

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