Free Book Reviews = WOMS

Publicity Tip #36

book reviewHave a book you’re getting ready to launch or have just launched?

Want to beef up the number of reviews you have in Amazon and Goodreads?

If you’re working on a tight or non-existent budget learning about low-cost publicity options are a must for survival.

In my e-book Publicizing Yourself I detail two great resources: Readers’ Favourite and The Book Reviewers & Authors Club

Today I’d like to tell you about Kindle Book Review. It works similarly to both of the above book review options in that there is a FREE service offered for one review. What’s different about KBR is that they do not guarantee that the reader they send your book to will actually review it. They say they work on a system of trust and hope that anyone interested in reviewing will do so, and honestly.

There’s also the matter that once you submit a book for a free review, you are then expected to review a book in turn (it’s not mandatory but if you don’t do it why should anyone do it for you?). Now, this is not a reciprocal review like The Book reviewers & Authors Club offers – where if you review one member’s book, they’ll in turn review yours. This is a valid practice but can be frowned upon. The reason some authors don’t like this approach is if you give them a bad review, they might return the favour out of spite.

KBR avoids this loophole by offering your e-book to someone who is unaware of who you are or what kind of review you might give someone else’s work. The only problem I see here is whether or not your work will reach someone who enjoys reading your genre. Since I’m not a ‘member’ (yet) I don’t have all the answers.

The other drawback of using KBR is that your book has to be available in Kindle Format and you must, therefore, be able to read .mobi books yourself.

Overall though, if your budget is tight and you’re looking for ways to get your WOMS (Word of Mouth Sales) some traction, this is a great route to go.

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