Writing and an Open Mind…

image by Bea-Sniper, Deviantart

Image by Bea-Sniper, Deviantart

What does it mean to keep an “open mind” as a writer?

For me this idea resonates two ways:


As a planner (and not a pantser) I must allow the story and thus the

characters to follow their own path, even if it means

deviating from the one I set.


Feedback about writing, by its very nature, is one person’s opinion.

If it is an educated opinion I will think about the

critique, and if it’s a valid point that will

help improve my work,

I will listen…

even if it means I need to change my narrative voice or re-work a

key element of my book to make it better.

And I’ve done that.

How far have you gone to keep an open mind?

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2 replies

  1. Number 1 for definite! I plan out everything in my story, but at times the characters and plot lead me down a path I was not expecting, but sometimes it can end up being so much better. So in the end, you need to be open to taking on those twists and turns 🙂

    Great post!


  2. I hear you, Harliqueen! Before I begin writing creatively I “graph” out visually what I’ve imagined for the main points in the plot and character development but I’ve learned along the way that if I push too hard to keep to that framework the writing, and thus the story, feels forced. It’s not easy for a planner to recognize when to “let go” and see where the story will take us 😉


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