Day 335 – Stasis

A photograph of leaves
on the quiet forest floor,
no evidence of hidden life,
though they tell you-
of course, it is so.

There is a time to die
but when the dying’s done,
we could pause for millennia,

The space between two heartbeats,
one of anguish, one of rapture,
world of stasis, all-enduring,

An eternity you’d spend
staring at a picture,
not believing there was
ever any life, but-
of course, it is so.

Charlotte Cuevas ColourA walking stereotype, Charlotte Cuevas is exactly what you’d expect from a children’s librarian and freelance writer- most days you’ll find her bustling about here and there, balancing coffee and a stack of books, fingers stained with ink and pearls jangling. She’s quite serious about poetry, literature, personal growth, and figuring out how to rebuff society’s standards when she’s most content fitting right into them.

The 365 Poetry Project is Charlotte’s attempt to push herself to a greater mastery of the craft, as opposed to her wonderful penchant for writing “whenever I feel like it.” She in no way claims that it was her idea; only that it feels like something she need to do.

Charlotte’s 365 day Poetry Challenge is less than 3 weeks away from completion and she is looking forward to releasing Candy Pizza a collection of 30 of her favourite and best poems.

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