Writer’s Arse, And Other Ailments

bending overWriterly Rant #46
(A published piece)

Tara has, quite simply, done it again. The linked article is a MUST read for any writer with a sense of humour. Her biting wit and fresh look at the obvious will at least have you crack a smile if not chuckle outright like I did.

Check it out – It’s well worth the read.

Tara Sparling writes

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The gurus over at Writing.ie have published another article I wrote today. A sort of confessional piece. I talk about the terrible afflictions which writers suffer, and how I suffer in particular (from being terribly afflicted).

Some non-writers will be sceptical about this. That’s fine. They can go around sympathising with whichever they believe to be loftier, global concerns. But writers will know. Oh, how they will know.

Over on Writing.ie it’s called “Writer’s Twitch, And Other Illnesses”. I really wanted to call it Writer’s Arse, because let’s face it, it’s our arses which can be most bothersome. But I thought it would be better to keep things a bit less crude over on Writing.ie, in case anyone wanted to take me seriously. It does happen sometimes.

You can read the article through this link here. In the meantime, I’m off for a long bath, and a good cry.

You said WHAT in a headline??? You said WHAT in a headline???

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