Candy Pizza Is Here!: A Video Message From The Author

Long time poetry contributor Charlotte Cuevas has turned her 365 Day Poetry Project into a book – Candy Pizza! She has taken the best poems of the last year of writing, honed and reworked them into perfection and made them available for your viewing pleasure in this handy little morsel of delight.

So, if you’re new to Charlotte’s work I encourage you to pop on over and read some of her offerings – if you’ve been following her work as I have posted it here on Infinite Pathways, then check out her book and spread the love ❤

The 365 Poetry Project

Super exciting stuff happening here in Charsville; today’s the day you can finally get your hands on a copy of my new book, Candy Pizza: Poetry’s that’s Fun and Healthy 🙂

As promised, here are the links for where you can order yours!

Kindle edition:

*Note* – Amazon periodically can run specials and lower the price without notifying me. If this happens, don’t worry! I still get the same royalties off the list price no matter what, so go and get you a deal! And use those internet coupons!

And by all means, give it stars and reviews, please!

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