Virtual Book Tours, Pt.1

Publicity Tip #50

feet_booksSometimes even the ultimate DIYer needs a little help. We’d all like to think we can save a bit money by doing things ourselves, by thinking that with enough time and the right resources we can be just as effective (if not more so) than the author services being offered ‘out there’.

I’ve come across some good virtual book tour companies recently that actually produce results on a regular basis. They have a wide variety of services and a wide range of prices to consider.

But today, I thought I’d introduce you to the one really great FREE tour company I’ve found:

Rockstar Book Tours

Now, because this is a free service the ladies running this company offer it because of their love of reading and drive to help authors succeed. They are also very choosy about which books they take on. While they prefer YA they have been known to publicize and arrange tours for some New Adult, Paranormal Romance, and Urban Fantasy adult fiction books.

Their list of tour hosts is extremely extensive, their free tour banners are top notch, and the scope of what they offer is ridiculous for the free price tag.

So, what do you have to do to get one of these free tours?

Sell yourself and your book. Send these ladies an independent email if you find that you connect with one about/bio more than the other, or send a joint email to Rockstar Book Tours with a broader query.

Impress them, and you’ve won yourself a fantastic opportunity.

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