Focus Your Imagination

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“Eyes” by NightDV – Deviantart

This idea resonates most with me regarding trying to

force yourself to create –

either in a vacuum


pushing ideas that have little to no passion.

I don’t know how many advice pages I’ve read, or quotes for that matter,

that encourage you to write:

a) when you’re not inspired

b) whenever you can fit it in

c) when you don’t “feel” like it


I agree that writing at these times serves a purpose –

it keep you writing.

I do not focus on creative or imaginative writing when I follow these pieces of advice:

I need to be inspired…

I need a block of “me” time…

I need to want to write…

If these basic needs are not met, quite frankly my writing sucks


I throw it out.

“Oh, the horror – she throws out her writing!”


I’m not a pack-rat.

If it doesn’t resonate with me, I get rid of it.

If the idea is sound but the follow-through is crap,

I keep what’s good and ditch the rest.

If I don’t enjoy what I am creating,

then it’s not worth my time

or effort.

I need my imagination to be ‘in focus’ to create my fiction.


What about you?

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  1. I agree completely. Writing time is a luxury in my life. I try to make the most of it, but there are days I just don’t have time. I’ve gone for months without a project at all. I’ve also used vacation to write when I’m passionate about it.


    • I don’t like the mantra “a writer can write anywhere” or the idea that a ‘writer’ must write daily or they’re not truly a writer – that’s a load of crock to me. We all write for different reasons and if it takes a vacation (which I’ve done too) to find the right kind of time to produce some quality prose/poetry then so be it 😀 A writer is not defined by quantity but the quality of their work and their passion.

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