Guest Blogging Pt. 2

Publicity Tip #55 ~

Creative Commons: Dave Morrison flickr

Creative Commons: Dave Morrison flickr

Finding blogs to be a guest writer on is not easy and in recognition of this fact several blogger-hangouts have been created to tempt you into joining their ranks. They promise a great platform where you can find people to guest blog  and where bloggers can find you. Some of these sites ask for money and others don’t. The most important thing to remember is if you do broad searches online looking for sites to accept you as a guest blogger, you’re going to have to do your research to make sure they are worth your time and effort.

The second resource I’d like to introduce you to is MY BLOG GUEST

It is one of those massive sites that brings together people looking for guest bloggers and bloggers looking to guest post. This is one of the free sites and while it can be a bit convoluted to figure out how to use, once you’ve joined up you will be sent one email a day for five days detailing how to best use various features on the site – trust me, the first four emails are worth reading (the fifth is just to let you know that there is a premium paid portion to the site as well – but for our purposes it’s not relevant).

What you need to know about this site is that a lot of waiting is involved and you shouldn’t expect to get a flood of responses when you first join. You need to read those helpful email and then begin listing your own offers as a potential guest blogger, as well as look at what other bloggers have posted needing guest blogs for.

Depending on your area(s) of expertise and your alternate hobbies you might find this a great resource or a struggle to use. All I suggest is keeping an open mind and not giving up until you’ve spent some quality time figuring out how to reach the right bloggers.

Good luck!

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