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MattIn his younger years Matt fell into a severe depression, lost focus at school and frequently neglected to attend altogether. This state of mind persisted for many years and began blogging, in part, as a way to say farewell to the negativity that pervaded his life for long. Matt doesn’t say definitively whether writing has been therapeutic or cathartic, but he is certain that it became the most important thing to him.

The purpose of his blog The Truth About Shadows is to share of his favourite poems and offer observation which he hopes will be objective and inoffensive.

Matt lives in the heart of Suffolk, in an urban area at the edge of town, where he enjoyed exploring the surrounding fields and sporadic woodlands. He has a keen interest in photography and photo editing. [Bio taken as excerpts from Matt’s About Page]

The Truth About Shadows


Your corporate poison,
My body’s decay.
A lingering feeling
That won’t fade away.

A drop in my bloodstream
Laying still in the vein,
Just one more hit
And one more again.

The side effects conquer
The aim of the use,
But the system grows fond
Of the constant abuse.

Your corporate poison
That boils in my chest
Will pay for your future
And lay me to rest.

This poem was written in 2002 shortly before I quit smoking. It was a good mantra and I think it helped to keep those ideas at the forefront of my mind. Sadly I relapsed after 7 years and I’ve been stopping and starting ever since. Maybe by reminding myself of my reasons to quit I can stay off it for good. It’s such a stupid habit to have, especially when you hate doing it, but hey that’s addiction.

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