Guest Blogging Pt. 3

Publicity Tip #56 ~

Bright-Ideas-1As an author or writer (however you identify yourself) getting into the swing of social media and blogging might be a new “thing” for you – especially if you’re of the generation(s) that didn’t grow up with the internet.

When looking for different blogs to be a ‘guest’ on the best way to start is by following other bloggers who focus on things you’re interested in – and that doesn’t have to just be writing related. Yes, it’s important to follow other authors you like in your genre(s) but you need to expand into your personal hobbies and other interests too.


You have more to say than just your version of ‘how to write well’ and getting your voice, your writing, onto an astronomy website or pet lovers blog not only shows your diversity of interests but gives you new outlets for letting people discover you as a novel/book writer. By following and participating in the comments sections of personal interest blogs you build a rapport with the blogger and their other followers. Then, after a month or two of regular contributions (or longer if you prefer or are unable to stop by as often as you’d like) reach out to the blogger using their ‘contact’ page or link. If they already offer spots for guest posts you’ll know because you’ve been reading their blog. If they don’t tend to do this, ask anyway.

Remember that this is a person you’re contacting.

Be sure to structure your letter like a proper proposal. You don’t want to jump to the point (would you be interested in having me guest post) without first introducing yourself, mentioning how you found their site, how long you’ve been following, what your favourite post or two is AND THEN mention that you’re looking for guest post opportunities. Give them two or three article ideas you could write on and explain why you feel these would work well for that site. Don’t forget to show off your credentials for writing those pieces – even if it’s being a dog lover since the age of 2.

At the end of your guest articles you will have your short bio in which you will mention the book you’ve just published/are about to publish and where it and you can be found online {publicizing yourself!}.

If you’re able to follow sites that reflect certain main themes or topics covered in your book that link up to interests you have then you might even be able to include a small paragraph at the end of your article inviting readers to check it out – you should run this past the blog host first though.

The more wide and varied the blogs you can guest post on, the broader the potential audience you’ll reach for all your writing endeavors – and don’t forget about those writing/review sites either; you are a writer and your experience is just as valid as the next person’s… it’s all about how you spin the article for the potential readership.

So get out there and start following some blogs and make sure you’re a contributor before offering your services as a guest blogger.

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  1. Thank you so much for your helpful article. I just started blogging and this information is invaluable right now!


  2. I certainly hope so! Thank you for checking out my profile 🙂


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