Writing Battles Won & Lost

Cannon Fire at Night w Quote

As NaNoWriMo scrapes hundreds of thousands

of souls

as it comes to a close this weekend,

it’s important to note that not everyone’s goal has been to write 50K.

To “win” NaNo

first and foremost it’s about picking up the dropped gauntlet

and challenging


A friend of mine writes historical mystery novellas.

Between needing to research for accuracy


write reports for a course she’s taking

her word count is hovering in the 30K range.

She’s claimed that she will not “win” –


she already has.

She’s started not one but two new novellas

and written more in this past month

than she ever has before.

She might never take the NaNo challenge again

(and quite frankly neither will I, even though I will make the 50K)

but we’ve both learned valuable lessons

about our writing styles

and goals.


Whether you’ve participated or not, what have you learned about yourself as a writer this month?

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2 replies

  1. I have joined with two goals: establish a regular daily writing routine and write up as much as I can (at least 10,000 words). I did not aspire to win this time around, I just enjoyed the vibe of thousands of people writing and a large community of people getting together on FB to share their achievements and frustrations. Unfortunately, life got in the way (two hospital stays in one month, loads of teaching for my daytime job, etc.) and neither of my goals are achieved, but it was a good fun. I’d do it again. I look forward to NaNo in 2015. With this year’s taster, I am better prepared for it.


    • That’s excellent!
      I came at it for the first time from a business point of view and I have not enjoyed myself as much as I thought I would. If I do it again it should be for fun – I don’t think I got everything I wanted to out of the experience 😉 But you live and you learn.


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