The Necessity of Advice…

prank quote

For me, this is so true.

When I go looking for advice I’m actually looking for


of my own ideas.

I do something that I think will work and then I ask,

“What do you think?”

What I’m really saying is,

“Do you like it as much as I do?”

The thing with advice though, is that it could very easily


the other way…

You might not hear what you’re expecting

or wanting to hear.

If in doubt,

get a second opinion


Hopefully the more people we ask, the greater our odds become

of those other people agreeing with us.


we should never forget

that if we get more negative responses than positive ones

maybe we should actually







Be honest, now… why do you go looking for advice 😉

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  1. Definitely confirmation for what I hope is something they will like too. 🙂


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