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Publicity Tip #65

making-creative-connections-lightbulbSome of the most common advice you will ever receive is to make business connections in order to further yourself and your product (i.e. your writing) – and it’s true. But with the advent of social media this idea fast becomes overwhelming to the less computer savvy. What might surprise you though, is that even those who have all of the top accounts are starting to drop many of the superfluous ones from their weekly/monthly list.

What you need to remember is that the internet is not your only source for making connections.

I’ve been to author events, workshops, writing groups (large and small), conferences… you name it – and I’ve walked away with key referrals or information that help me with making money writing. Last spring I attended Ad-Astra, a speculative fiction writer’s conference here in Toronto, and a contact I met at a regional writers’ group introduced me to a 6-time “big-house” traditionally published author (who lived 20 min. away from my house!). She gave me great career advice (for free) and I’ve now made a solid connection for getting a ‘known writer’ to read and review my books… At that same conference I met a sci-fi/cli-fi author/professor who agreed to be interviewed for an article I was writing (and being paid for) and she just happened to be the professional leading the workshop/seminar I attended that afternoon.

Technology is great, but if you never allow yourself to get out and meet these potential connections in person then you’re doing yourself a great disservice – whether you’re strictly an author or you freelance/ghost write or edit on the side, talking to people in person is a fantastic way to build the right connections for you.

Merry Christmas and Happy Connecting 😀

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