Acquiring Book Reviews, Pt. 2

Publicity Tip #70

salihagir, -

salihagir, –

Searching for quality book reviews in bulk is a contradiction we authors try to convince ourselves exists. What I have found in my quest for the impossible are Indie author and book sites that are doing their best to provide us with options.

Last week I focused on the fantastic book reviewers list that The Indie View offers.

This week I’d like to draw your attention to Morgen Bailey’s Writing Blog.

Like me, Morgen has made it her goal to help new and emerging authors by creating a site loaded with useful information and ways to help build your visibility and your author platform. She has also dedicated a portion of her time to sharing hers (and others) resources for book reviewers.

On THIS PAGE she talks about opportunities for reviewers on her blog as well as the few genres she scrapes time together to review. Just after that section you will be introduced to an extensive list of online magazines and independent reviewers. Now, she does qualify her list saying that you really need to double check the submission guidelines for each option as some may not accept unsolicited review requests – but many will 🙂

If you’ve found a similar resource I urge you to share your wares in the comment section below – I know it means more competition with favoured reviewers but those reviewers won’t read something that isn’t worth their time… so come share with us  and we will share with you 😀

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  1. Hello, my name is Samuel Edwards and I have completed a book regarding a young mans journey towards enlightenment. I think it came out well but getting someone to review said tome seems to be problematic. Any useful suggestions? And yes, I don’t mind paying someone within the industry to read it.
    All the best, Samuel


    • Hi Samuel,
      I will be covering more options for reviews in the coming weeks but in the mean time look into and is also a great site but your work needs to be completely free of editing and formatting errors before they’ll consider reviewing it. Hope these help 🙂


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