Inner Torment by Negura - Deviantart

Inner Torment by Negura – Deviantart


I’ve been in fear, terror stricken in my mind,

Physical pain from a creature invented inside.

Wisdom from a man long since gone,

Words of a man changing my life.

He speaks not of our language, i’m beginning to understand,

I’ve imprisoned myself in my own hidden land.

His words hold the key to my self built cage,

I’ve unlocked the door, energy without rage.

My attacker has been found out, words weaken its being,

From the words of a man I never have known.

Keith Garrett

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2 replies

  1. Thanks so much for reading and posting this. I have panic disorder and Agoraphobia
    It takes from me. I have a 3 page story called a punished man and one called my view of you and the things you do. read them please.


    • Your poem works on many levels, which is why I’m drawn to it. For me the “words” were my father’s… nothing I ever did was good enough and I didn’t understand the abuse of those words and others like them on my psyche until later in life – they caged me more than I ever realized.

      Could you leave the links to your 2 short stories? That way anyone who connects with your words can delve further into your writings.

      Thanks Keith!


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